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Matic Jelovcan

Matic Jelovčan is jack-of-all-trades from Kranj, Slovenia. He’s a photographer, graphic designer, an artist, an entrepreneur at www.mjd.si. He’s an avid Libertarian and a Christian striving to live in light of Christian and Libertarian values, which is becoming increasingly difficult in this day-and-age. He’s also a blogger on his blog  Jelovčanov:Matic as well as for several other libertarian or liberty-minded online   magazines and websites. He’s constantly seeking lawful ways of legally evading the taxes, regulations and other work- or pay-prohibiting laws that the State brings forth.  After having completed some theological studies, he’s now completing his studies of Fine Art on a private university, Arthouse in Ljubljana. When he doesn’t study or work for The Bible Society of Slovenia or some other project, he likes to either learn new things and read books (especially on liberty or history) or spend time in nature, with horses or his camera.