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Let's Catch Freedom! #3: Hellooo… can anybody hear me? I also have an opinion!

February 24, 2011
DaBuda, Ljubljana

For democracy to work, we need high levels of political culture and participation. Citizens that autonomously participate in discussions and who actively direct the political life (not only by voting) are the key to a high political culture and protection of individual's rights.

The levels of political culture and participation are low in Slovenia. Why don't we engage more vocally to defend our goals and to ensure our voice is heard by the government officials who decide about our rights and liberties? What should we do in order to get the attention of the public and the political elites?

We looked for answers to these and other questions with our guest, Urban Vehovar, PhD, from the Faculty of Education in Koper and a member of Svetilnik and Academy for Democracy (Akademija za demokracijo).