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About Svetilnik

(Društvo Svetilnik) is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-political association. 

This web site has been discontinued and the up-to-date website is https://svetilnik.org/

Our mission is to enlighten Slovenia with ideas of freedom. Our goal is a society where individuals are free to pursue their own interests, and are responsible for their actions. Individuals can only be free in a society that is based on individual's rights and liberties, free market, rule of law and limited government.

In the pursuit of our mission and goals, we enlighten Slovenia with:
Svetilnik is fully financed from private donations, and does not accept any funding from the government, as that would mean that we it is financed through taxation of the citizens. 

Svetilnik is a member of global networks:
Svetilnik was founded in July 2008.