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Lets Catch Freedom #40: The Ayn Rand Day 2015

Monday, 9. February 2015
Cafe Sputnik, 
Tržaška cesta 128, Ljubljana
Admission was free for all participants.
This event was organized as a workshop with invited speakers Rok Svetlič, PhD and Žiga Turk, PhD. The discussion at the workshop was open for all attending the event.
All five primary categories (or branches) of philosophy were discussed with their relation to objectivism. By actively reasoning, as Ayn Rand would have said, the only mean for a fruitful living, we were searching for rationale of different aspects of our society. This way we have actively celebrated the birthday of Ayn Rand and presented her philosophy.
This workshop was organized by Alen Alexander Klarić, a young researcher at Svetilnik.
Svetilnik is annually commemorating birthdays of the great thinkers that influenced libertarian philosophy:
  • 2 February - Ayn Rand Day
  • 2 March - Rothbard Day
  • 8 May - Hayek Day
  • 31 July - Friedman Day
  • 29 September - Mises Day