About Svetilnik

Svetilnik (Svetilnik - Društvo za promocijo svobode) is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-political association founded in 2008. 

Our mission is to enlighten Slovenia with ideas of freedom and liberalism. Our goal is a society where individuals are free to pursue their own interests, and are responsible for their actions.

 Individuals can only be free in a society that is based on individual's rights and liberties, free market, rule of law and limited government. In the pursuit of our mission and goals, we help Slovenians with:

Svetilnik is fully financed from private donations, and does not accept any funding from the government or any other source financed through taxation of the citizens. 

Svetilnik is a member of the Atlas Network and 4Liberty Network.

On this link you will find our Slovenian website.



Dr. Domen Zafred, President, predsednik@svetilnik-slovenija.org

Web Services: spletna.stran@svetilnik-slovenija.org

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