Let's Catch Freedom #13 & 14: Free and Responsible

13 April 2012: Center kulture Gustav, Šentjur (partner: Mladinski center Šentjur) 

14 April  2012: KMKC Kompleks, Ravne na Koroškem (partner: Klub koroških študentov)

Admission was free for all participants.

We organized the tour for “Free and Responsible” (Slobodni i odgovorni), a documentary made by Libertarni klub from Serbia.

This internationally renowned documentary explores the economic and political situation of an average Serbian. One can easily identify with it and recognize that what is true for Serbia is true for many other countries, including Slovenia.

On this tour, we were joined by the directors, screenwriters, and main protagonists, Miloš Nikolić and Đorđe Trikoš, who also took questions after the screening of the film.

Svetilnik annually commemorates the birthdays of great thinkers who have influenced libertarian philosophy.