Public Debate: Socialism vs. capitalism

When: 16 Decemberd 2014

Where: Druga Gimanzija Maribor

Admission was free for all participants.

In december a public debate took place at the high school Druga Gimnazija Maribor. The event was organized by Marko Čuš from Svetilnik in collaboration with the Secondary School Students Organization Maribor and the Druga Gimnazija. 

The debate was organized in two parts. First it was held between four invited speakers, tow for each political system, followed by an open debt with questions from the audience.  

The socialist economic/political system was defended by Gregor Kašman and Eva Nikë Cvikl, while capitalism was defended by Jaka Šoba and Marko Žerjal. 

The debate was mediate by Egon Peršak

The official part of the event was followed by sole chit-chatting at a snack bar.