NGO Fairs 2015

Trg kulture square, Murska Sobota,

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Prešernov trg square, Ljubljana,

Thursday 24 September 2015

Admission to both fairs was free for all participants.

After a positive experience in the year 2014, we decided to participate again at the NGO fairs in our capital (Ljubljana) and in Murska Sobota, the town in the far east of our country. The fair in Murska Sobota was organized by the local foundation for the development of Pomurje (The Pannonian part of Slovenia): Ustanova lokalna razvojna fundacija za Pomurje, while the fair in Ljubljana, called the LUPA festival, was organized by the Slovenian umbrella organization of NGOs: Center za informiranje, sodelovanje in razvoj nevladnih organizacij.

Our stand was dedicated to promote freedom among visitors of the fair. We were discussing the current state of the personal and economic freedom in Slovenia with the emphasis on the problems caused by the overwhelming bureaucracy and hyper-regulation. 

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