Let's Catch Freedom! #4:

My Freedom. Your Freedom.

17 March  2011

DaBuda, Ljubljana

Admission was free for all participants.

The idea of individual liberty is common to many ideologies. Protection of individual's personal and economic rights and liberties is a force that influences politics throughout the world and time. The ideas of individual's liberties were recorded in the US Declaration of Independence; however, they have been present in Slovenian lands since the times of Carantania.

What does it mean to be free? Are we aware of it? Given that every individual's liberties end where the liberties of others begin, are we able to solve our conflicts, both privately and legally? Is the state successful in defending individual's liberties?

We looked for answers to these and other questions with our guest, Rok Svetlič, PhD, from the Faculty of Humane Studies in Koper and the vice president of Academy for Democracy (Akademija za demokracijo). 

Svetilnik annually commemorates the birthdays of great thinkers who have influenced libertarian philosophy.