Friedman Day 2014

31 July 2014

PikniAS, Ljubljana

Admission was free for all participants.

Thursday, 6 pm - 11 pm 

Svetilnik held an exclusive event in honor of 102nd anniversary of the birth of Dr. Milton Friedman, Nobel laureate and one of the most influential proponents of liberty in the world.  A list of his writings.

This annual, international event provided fans of Milton Friedman and lovers of liberty the opportunity to learn about the late Nobel laureate, to share his ideas, and to celebrate the impact they had on the worldwide movement for freedom.

For a summer time appropriate, we gathered at an outdoor location near Ljubljana, where we first had the pleasure of hearing a talk by Dr. Anže Burger, Svetilnik Senior Fellow and Assistant Professor of International Economics at the University of Ljubljana, before discussing Friedman's life, work, and ideas at a barbeque and under the stars.

The event was organised in partnership with The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice.

Entry was free.

Svetilnik annually commemorates the birthdays of great thinkers who have influenced libertarian philosophy.