Liberty Seminars 2014

Author: Tanja Porčnik, Svetilnik

Date: 23 September 2014

The 7th annual Liberty Seminars are being held September 22-27, 2014 at Lake Bohinj, Slovenia. This is a life-time opportunity to DISCUSS, PRESENT & DEBATE human rights through a lens of economics, public policy, history, philosophy, and law in breathtaking scenery of the Julian Alps.

The seminars are organized by a Slovenian think tank Svetilnik, a member of the 4Liberty network. The seminars are supported by many institutions and individuals from all over the world, among them are the Cato Institute, the Centre for Research into Post-Communist Economies, the Institute of Economic Affairs, and the Atlas Network.

The 2014 Liberty Seminars are attended by 40 undergraduates, graduates, and young professionals from 26 countries, among them India, Mexico, Pakistan, Ukraine, Ghana, Turkey, Slovakia, Macedonia, and Iran.

Accredited within the Atlas Leadership Academy, the seminars offer discussions with world-renowned scholars who share a passion for liberty, among them Dr. Oleg Manaev (Belarusian International Institute for Socio-Economic & Political Studies, Dr. Dan Mitchell (Cato Institute, USA), Dr. Tom G. Palmer (Cato Institute, USA), Christopher Snowdon (Institute of Economic Affairs, UK), and Dr. Janez Šušteršič (Former Slovene Finance Minister).

To ensure that everyone who is academically eligible to attend the Liberty Seminars is also financially able to do so, Svetilnik offers scholarships to 99% of the participants. These scholarships are only possible because of the generous support of individuals who understand the need to invest in the future generation.

Teaching people about the ideas of liberty as well as connecting them with scholars and like-minded people from all over the world is creating hope for a freer world in the future.

The article was published in 4Liberty on September 23, 2014.