Let's Catch Freedom! #18: World Premiere of "Europe's Debt: America's Crisis?"

August 31, 2012

Hotel Kompas Bled

The documentary "Europe's Debt: America's Crisis?" was produced by the Free to Choose Network, which, among other things, co-produced Milton Friedman's 10 part series "Free to Choose". 

The film is narrated by Johan Norberg, a world renowned Swedish author, and Don Boudreaux, PhD, a professor at the George Mason University in United States.

After the screening, we had a Q&A session with Bob Chitester, the founder and president of the Free To Choose Network, and Tanja Štumberger, Svetilnik's Senior Fellow, who also appears in "Europe's Debt: America's Crisis?".

See the trailer for "Europe's Debt: America's Crisis?" here: