Let's Catch Freedom! #5: 

Where's my glacier?! 

What to do with the global warming mantra?

 7 April 2011

DaBuDa, Ljubljana

Admission was free for all participants.

Global warming (or "climate change") issues have been controversial for many years now. Politicians did not need long (or many proofs) to respond to the cries of worried citizens and change environmental and economic public policies. Were the changes necessary? Who won and who lost with them?

With our guest, Mišo Alkalaj, MA, we discussed the science and "science" of global warming. We looked at how the "hockey stick" was created by data manipulation and shed some light on the series of events that led to politicians changing their position on global warming. We also discussed how changes in public policies affect our society, economy, and environment.

Svetilnik annually commemorates the birthdays of great thinkers who have influenced libertarian philosophy.